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Grace ref

Age: 17 years
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Female
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Green
Body Mods: None
Height: 5'11
Class: Witch
Race: African American
Birthday: March 2
Star Sign: Pisces
Myers-Briggs: ESFJ
*Placement: Left Hip
VA: Aaliyah Bran

Grace Beckett
Grace is an extroverted witch with a keen eye for style. She will call you out on any fashion mishap she sees, and will go out of her way to fix it, as she believes it's for the greater good. She's very outspoken and is never afraid to speak her mind, sometimes getting her in trouble with stronger people.
Her two best friends are Jaiden and Lilly, and she'd stand up for them in a heartbeat, no questions asked. She's quite strong, the strongest of the trio actually, and will not hesitate to fight if the need may be. The two of them tend to feed positive energy off of each other.
Her parents both work in the government, with her father being a Supreme Court Justice and her mother being a Senator. This results in them having much money to spare, which she uses freely thanks to her father's credit card. She often treats her trio of friends to fancy dinners and club nights on Fridays, often resulting in Jaiden driving the two drunken girls home.

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