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Age: 14 years
Sexuality: Pansexual
Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Green
Body Mods:
5 Ear Piercings
Height: 5'3
Race: Mixed Race
Birthday: March 15
Star Sign: Pisces
Myers-Briggs: INTP

Ayy lmao (It's Mr. Grey)
Hey there! My name's Grey and I created these children a few years back. I've been trying my hardest to take good care of them, and I should tell you, they've grown oh so much. I am the artist of what was the comics (they've been changed, they sucked), and I am the keyframe and hopefully animator of what will be a Youtube series. I take much of my inspiration from Edd Gould, as he has basically inspired me to draw from early childhood. Well thats that, I'm not very interestin'.

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