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Witches and warlocks are the best of the best, the high and mighty. They're the upper-class snobs that can do magick and basically make life hell for the aviators. All witches and warlocks have a pentacle birthmark somewhere on their bodies, most commonly the shoulder/collarbone area.They all can do magick, including written spells and writing their own.
Most witches and warlocks despise aviators due to their lack of magick. They thoroughly express their hatred by treating them as Americans treated African Americans in the 40s and 50s. They go as far as segregated benches and restaurants, and in the time of the story, they have just recently implemented integrated schools.

Aviators are the lowest of the low-class, and also generally the only low class. They tend to be given whatever witches, warlocks, and psychics don't deem acceptable to have themselves, such as run down homes, broken items, torn clothes, and food scraps.
They are shunned for their lack of magick, sporting wings in place of it. Their wings usually match the aviators natural hair color, but they can be dyed just as hair can. Wings can be on many body parts, such as ankles, backs, necks, hips, and other similar places.
The wings are always capable to carry the aviator, as they have hollow bones similar to birds. Strong aviators can pick up other aviators, and stronger ones can pick up psychics, witches, and warlocks.

Psychics are the middle-class of the world. They don't have very many complaints, and most are content with the life they live, commonly with average wages, and average house, and an average life. The psychics all have pointed ears, comparable to how a faery or elf would.
Their magick is mind reading and telekinesis. Psychics can tap into anyone's thoughts and hear exactly what they're thinking, as long as they can see them, and they can use their mind to pick up and use anything in their sights. Nobody can really block them out except for a witch or warlock if they have the spell.

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