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Jaiden ref

Age: 16 years
Sexuality: Questioning
Gender: Male
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Teal
Body Mods:
3 Lip Spikes
2 Right Ear Piercings
Neck Tattoo
Height: 6'3
Class: Warlock
Race: Caucasian
Birthday: November 26
Star Sign: Sagittarius
Myers-Briggs: ENTP
*Placement: Left Collarbone
VA: ___

Jaiden Carter
Jaiden is undoubtedly the smartest of all the students (and adults) you'll know. He spends his free time studying, writing, and testing a variety of spells and potions. He's the creator, and according to Rose, God, of both her and Sinine. He houses them in his basement and hides them from his parents in fear that they'll punish him for creating multiple sentient lives.
On the topic of his parents, they're your typical high class, lenient couple with little to no marriage problems. They tend to spoil him, somehow managing to acquire even the most rare and expensive of ingredients if he so asks. They have quite compatible work schedule, and will often call for family dinners and family game nights when Jaiden doesn't hole himself up in his library or spellmaking room (the basement).
Jaiden is very close with his two friends Grace and Lilly, and is always there when they need a helping hand, whatever it may be. He often ends up being appointed as the designated driver on their bar nights and the tutor when one of them doesn't fully understand school work.
Despite his endless knowledge, he tries to hide it by deliberately missing questions on quizzes and homework, hoping his lowered grades will convince his peers not to treat him as a brainiac. He is also quite preoccupied with trying to fit in when not with Grace and Lilly, wearing whatever clothes are in style and hanging with all the cool kids. The girls easily see trough his act though, and tease him relentlessly about it.

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