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Rose ref

Age: 1-3 weeks (Physically 16)
Sexuality: What's that
Gender: Female
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Pink
Body Mods: None
Height: 5'6
Class: Witch
Race: Flower?
Birthday: July 1
Star Sign: Cancer
Myers-Briggs: ENFP
*Placement: Chest
VA: Aryanne Cottrell

Rose Bush
Rose was originally a rose bush (go figure) animated by Jaiden for Sinine. He wanted Sinine to be happy and have some joy in his life rather than loathe everyone, himself moreso, and smoke his eternal life away. Because she's a bush out of the ground, she dies fairly quickly, and has to be reanimated every couple weeks. She's the same Rose, and keeps her memories, she just dies a lot. She has roses growing sporadically out of her arms, and two thorny vines, mostly for aesthetic.
Rose is extremely sweet and believes everyone deserves love. She sees the good in everyone and helps anyone in need happily. The downside of this, though, is she's extremely naive, believing everything everyone says. She also doesn't know a lot, considering she was once just a simple rose bush, and constantly asks Sinine any question that comes to her mind. Rose has no mental or verbal filter, considering she doesn't know right from wrong, and therefore will commonly ask inappropriate questions, much to Sinine's dismay.

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