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Paradich ref

Age: 14 years
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Gender: Trans-Male
Eyes: Silver
(Blue contacts)
Hair: Pink/Grey/Green
Body Mods: None
Height: 5'3
Class: Psychic
Race: Hispanic
Birthday: September 16
Star Sign: Virgo
Myers-Briggs: ENFP
VA: ___

Paradich Placido
Paradich was born into a loving family, except for the fact his mother died during his birth. His father resorted to gambling, so he's never really known him in any other way. When he was 12, he was sent off to live with his brother, March, and as a result, he grew distant from his father. March was an extremely supportive older brother, with everything from his struggling grades to coming out as trans, and at times got a bit protective. He was always quite content with his life, longing to meet his mother one day, but never really having many complaints otherwise.
Personality wise, he's an extremely edgy teenager, as most are. He pretends to hate himself, actually hates himself, runs an aesthetic page on Tumblr, and spends his free time listening to music and being antisocial. Para's also, as most teenagers are, extremely lazy. He uses his telekinesis to move the large hand on his hood to grab things too far away. He's a good kid, nonetheless.
His eyesight is very poor, similar to March, and he uses colored contacts to correct it (because he's edgy). He also has two colored streaks in his hair, one grey and one green, that he got to kind of match with his girlfriend, Allyson. They're openly in a relationship and, although March is wary of her, he secretly likes Allyson as he makes his little brother happy.

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